Here’s what students, parents, and alums are saying about us.


Dongze Zhao, Class of 2019
Attending Boston University

“I came here a stranger from a far-off land. Now I know everyone and they know me. I have received a great education and am going to Boston University, the school of my dreams. I have made life-long friends and am part of an elite group. I am a Scecina Crusader! Need I say more?”


Jayla Shelton, Class of 2019
Attending East Tennessee State University

“It’s been a great experience attending this school. I was given opportunities to succeed that I may not have found elsewhere, such as landing a big role in the musical and playing on a great softball team, which then led me to a Division I college.”


Alyssa Chase, mother of Ria ’16 and Jake ’19

Jake Rebein, Alyssa Chase, Ria Rebein “Scecina was definitely the right choice for our family. Both my son and daughter loved taking part in school sports. They learned so much from being part of a team and also as individuals. Academically, they benefited from small classroom sizes. My daughter became valedictorian and my son, who has ADD, got personalized attention that helped him thrive. Service opportunities like Key Club and student council gave my daughter a foundation that led to her serving on the Indiana University Union board. His senior year, my son got inspired by his music teacher and enrolled in a few music appreciation classes at IU. I also appreciate the school’s diversity—racial, ethnic and socioeconomic. At Scecina, my kids learned about both themselves and their community, and they’re both better people because of it.”


Lorenzo Bender, Class of 2021
International student from Brazil

“Scecina Memorial was by far the best choice I could have made. Scecina is not only good, but great in the academics area, with small classes that make it possible for the students to have more attention from the teachers and with a big variety of classes available for anyone to take. … I honestly believe Scecina is the best school in the world for me. The experiences and the people, specially the students themselves, made and are still making it a experience with a huge meaning in my life, and certainly as well in my future.”




Andrew Smith

Drew Smith, Class of 2019
Attending U.S. Air Force Academy

“Scecina gave me the opportunity to form new friendships, prepare me for my future, and it helped me be more involved in the school community.”



Tavon Middlebrook Tavon Middlebrook, Class of 2019
Attending Taylor University

“Transferring to Scecina was one of the best decisions of my life. I’m happy I came because I now feel a lot more prepared for what college life will be like.”



Katelyn Hartman, Class of 2019
Attending Ohio State University

“My four years at Scecina were nothing like I expected. I received so much more than an education. Within the school, I found a lifelong community that helped me discover my place in the world.”



Osighe Akpeokhai, Class of 2021

“I believe Scecina was a great choice for me. As a sophomore going through Scecina, I’m participating in track and field, wrestling and have the opportunity to try out for other sports while also being president of the Key Club and joining National Honor Society.”



Ingrid Ruiz, Class of 2020

“Scecina has really pushed me to strive more in academics and not just stay in my comfort zone. I would never have taken four Advanced Placement classes, but my counselor here recommended that I should.”