International Student Program

Scecina Memorial High School welcomes students from all over the world. The vision of our International Student Program is to promote international understanding, to create memorable and diverse learning opportunities, to transform critical intercultural perspectives, and to nurture global connections from the Catholic perspective. Some of our international students attend Scecina for a few weeks or months for an “American cultural experience” and to enhance their English language skills. Other international students attend our school for a true four-year high school experience and ultimately earn a Scecina diploma.

Interested in hosting an international student? Contact Director of International Student Program John Hegarty at or at 317-258-5159.

Host Family Benefits

  • $1,000 Scecina tuition discount
  • Training and yearlong support and guidance from international partner organizations and Scecina
  • Temporary placement for the international student if the host family takes a vacation
  • Develop lasting international friendships
  • Opportunity to share your faith
  • Make an impact on the world
  • Learn about a different culture & language
  • Invest in a student’s future
  • Family stipend to help with expenses

Host Family Obligations

  • Provide student with his or her own bed
  • Provide transportation to and from school
  • Provide three meals a day, except when the student is at school
  • Undergo a criminal background check

Admissions Process for International Students

International applicants should contact Mr. John Hegarty, Vice President of International Student Program, at or at 317-258-5159.

No matter how one initiates the application, the following process will be followed.

Application and all required documents submitted:

  • Scecina Application
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Attendance and Discipline report
  • Previous two years of grades
  • SLEP, ELTIS, or TOEFUL score
  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate

Student Interview

Once the required documents for the application are submitted, there will be an interview scheduled within two to three business days. The vice president of international student program will conduct interviews and make the acceptance decisions, reporting them to the Director of Enrollment Management.

Admissions Decision

  • After a student interview is conducted, Scecina will notify the organization of acceptance within two to three business days.
  • The acceptance letter and tuition invoice will be sent to the organization at the same time as the admissions decision.

I-20 Applications

The I-20 will be applied for, by Scecina, after the organization receives the acceptance letter, confirms that the student will be attending Scecina, and confirms a start date for the student.

Documents/ Information Required For I-20

  • Student Application for Admission
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Tuition Cost
  • Living Cost as stated by FLAG/UESS
  • Bank statement (has to prove sufficient funds for student’s stay in the country)
  • Currency Conversion
  • Student US Home Address
  • Passport Bio sheet

Once the I-20 is applied for, it will be sent to the organization as soon as it is available to Scecina.