Scecina Memorial High School’s mission is to motivate our diverse and gifted community of students “to attain educational excellence, be lifelong learners, and live as servant leaders.”

2023-24 School Calendar

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President’s Academic Excellence Awards

The President’s Academic Excellence Awards ceremony recognizes Scecina Memorial students for their outstanding academic performance during the school year. The ceremony takes place in late April or early May.

We recognize our freshmen, sophomore, and junior students who are either in the Top 10 of their respective classes or have a 4.0 or higher grade point average. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors receive a plaque from the school.

We recognize our seniors who meet the same criteria. Each of the seniors is asked to select an influential person in his or her life and to write a brief reflection about that mentor. The mentors are asked to do the same for the student. We invite each student to come forward with his or her mentor, and our Principal and President read their reflections. Each senior receives a plaque, the mentor’s written reflection, and a ring from the school.

The mentors receive the senior’s written reflection.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization that fosters scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students are involved in a variety of projects throughout the year. Students must have a cumulative weighted grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and a satisfactory application.

Academic Super Bowl

Academic Super Bowl is a high school competition made of 5 subject rounds (English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Fine Arts) and an Interdisciplinary Studies round. Questions are based on a common theme.

Naturalization Examination Data

  • Number of students who took the naturalization examination = 100
  • Number of students who passed the naturalization examination by a score of not less than sixty percent (60%) on their first attempt = 98
  • The pass rate of the naturalization examination for the students who participated = 98%

School Performance Report