Keeping Tuition Affordable for Families

Scecina Memorial High School strives to maintain affordable tuition levels for families. We provide need-based tuition assistance to more than 70 percent of our families. Scecina also offers several merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen and returning students. We also accept vouchers from the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. 

Vouchers (Indiana Choice Scholarship)

Indiana has expanded the voucher program so that more families qualify. Click here to see if your family qualifies for a voucher. 

2024-25 Tuition & Fees 

Tuition rates listed in the table below are the rates before Scecina applies the dollar amount of state vouchers, need-based tuition assistance, and merit scholarships. A $2,000 multi-student discount is given for each additional student. 

High School Placement Test Free
Athletics No fee
Book rental No fee
Activity No fee
Learning Differences Program No fee
Registration* $150
Tuition – Participating Catholic**/One student $12,090
                Catholic-educated $14,740
                 Non-Catholic $15,605
Technology fee $200 (includes student’s computer)
Senior fee $285 (seniors only)

* Registration fee before Early Bird deadline 

** Participating Catholic as determined by parish priest  

Tuition assistance

Scecina provides needbased tuition assistance and works with FACTS Management to verify family needs. Click here for the FACTS financial aid application. 

Families who will not be applying for tuition assistance should complete the financial aid waiver form on the enrollment checklist in  SchoolAdmin. 

The tuition staff in the business office is available to assist you. Families can use the computer in the tuition office.  

Choosing the right school is a big decision. We want to help you on your journey.

Scecina Business Office

Scecina’s business office provides help with tuition and financial aid issues.  

Office Hours: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. (8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Fridays during the summer)

Location: St. Francis Hall, located east of the school. 

Dave Smith
Tuition Manager
(317) 352-3232, Ext. 1019

Ivette Clinger (habla español)
Tuition Manager