Young Scecina alumni work on COVID test kits

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Three Scecina alumni at Apex Medical

From left, Holden Martin, Maggie Fox, and Jimmy Clinger at Northwest Technology Center, the research park where Apex Medical is located.


Four Scecina alumni and one Class of 2020 graduate are spending the summer putting together COVID-19 testing kits. It’s a small but important job in the fight against the pandemic.

Holden Martin ‘18 is a biomedical engineering major at Purdue University. He wants to design prosthetic limbs eventually.

For now he’s working at Apex Medical on the northside of Indianapolis assembling coronavirus test kits in a biohazard bag. The bag contains the swab test, a napkin, and a small vial of saline into which the swab goes for transport.

“We send them out to hospitals and different testing sites,” Martin said.

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Apex also is a COVID-19 testing facility.

“One of my friends told me that we’re one of the only places that make these in the Midwest,” said Martin, who plans to transfer to Trine University.

According to the IndyStar, Apex Medical is a division of Camel-based Aria Diagnostics, which sent a one-time donation of 50,000 tests to New York City in conjunction with Carmel Mayor and Apex Medical.

Michaela Lindsay ’19, Isaac Foley ’19, Jimmy Clinger ’18, and Maggie Fox ’20 also are working at Apex assembling the kits.

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