Scecina strong in time of COVID-19

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Screenshot of eLearning Red and Gold Show

Scecina students continue to produce the Red and Gold Show from their homes.


Our Scecina Community is built on relationships.

So how do we continue to nurture those relationships and serve our Scecina mission when we are learning and working remotely and “social distancing” keeps us from gathering, worshipping, and recreating in the same spaces?

We switched gears quickly for the 2019-20 school year on many levels after guidance and direction from the Archdiocese and the state of Indiana to stay at home. I’m proud of how Scecina’s students, teachers, and staff have adapted so nimbly to keep Scecina operating. In many ways, we are working harder than ever.

Thankfully, we live in a time when generosity and the effective, ethical use of technology have smoothed the way.

  • Since 2018, thanks to generous donors, all Scecina students receive a school-owned computer to carry with them every day. They’re using those laptops to take classes and continue learning with their Scecina teachers.


  • Through Canvas, our learning management system, teachers receive and assess students’ academic work and provide on-demand videos of themselves teaching a lesson, and they’re using Microsoft Teams to speak face to face with students.


  • Teachers are innovating to find new ways to bring their classes alive through the computer screen, such as interactive video labs for biology students and live chats with Broadway actors for theatre students.


  • Students send in videos from home to produce “The Red and Gold Show” a few times a week.


  • Guidance counselors are meeting with students daily through Microsoft Teams to keep them academically on track and are available to help with the college application, financial aid, and scholarship process.


  • I have held productive Zoom webinars with Scecina board members and capital campaign committees and will be having a similar opportunity with alumni and donors soon.


  • Our school administrators and other staff regularly meet and plan in groups large and small and one-on-one through Microsoft Teams. Department meetings continue daily. Recruitment of the Class of 2024 continues.


  • We’re recording webinars to provide information and answers to prospective families, as well as for parents of current underclassmen and seniors.

We are connecting with one another in even more ways with the benefit of technology. Scecina’s recent investments in technology infrastructure and professional development truly are reaping benefits this year.

Thank you for everything you do for Scecina. I am sure our Scecina Community will be even stronger when we are able to be together again.

God Bless,

Joe Therber




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