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Mrs. Amy Fix’s English as a New Language (ENL) students shared the spirit of the season by visiting Little Flower’s pre-K class. During their heartwarming visit, they practiced English, read stories, and played games with the children, spreading the joy of Christmas through the gift of time. The ENL students also shared how much they enjoyed their experiences. You can read their thoughts below.

“I liked our small trip to Little Flower. I love little kids, and reading to them was fun because you could really see how much they enjoyed it.” – Tamina Meyer.

“My experience at Little Flower was amazing, and I enjoyed my time. I was surprised those kids were so smart and kind; they respected me while I was reading the book, asking questions and interacting with me.” – Raissa Bonamigo Daros.

“I was very surprised and excited to see the children attentively listening to me tell stories. Not only that, but I also helped myself read books fluently. It was so fun!” -Khang Quy


“My experience at the school was incredible because I love children, and reading to them was good. I was surprised they were so calm, and doing that activity with them was fun, too.” -Gabriel Ziliotto Atabb

“I really enjoyed our time there; it was amazing and funny. Before we went there, I thought it would be boring and a waste of time, but when I started to read my book, I immediately understood it would be a beautiful moment.” -Carlo Ponzini.

“The trip to Little Flower was so fun. The kids were so cute because they were so down-to-earth and so precious. They listened to my story and seemed like they did enjoy it. I learned that we need to be patient with kids for a good education, especially if they do not cooperate. Overall, it was an amazing experience.” – Hoang Bui.

“I enjoyed playing and having fun with the kids.” – Viet Hoang

“I had a lot of fun because I love kids and spending time with them. I enjoyed reading them books and seeing the happiness in their eyes. The kids were incredible, kind, and nice.” – Isabella Franco Reydams

“What I like most is the process of communicating with children, and I learned to have the courage to communicate with them.” -Ziqian Lai

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