Scecina Board chair thanks staff and students

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By George Newhart ’60


“These are the times that try men’s and women’s souls.” Thomas Paine, 1776.

Greetings Scecina Faculty, Administration, Staff and Students,

Please allow me the updated reference to this famous historical quote. Thomas Paine was writing at a crucial time in the history of our very young country. From those early days, our country has met and overcome extraordinary challenges to become the greatest nation the world would ever know.

We are once more at a critical point in our country’s incredible history.  We face different circumstances to be sure than those our ancestors faced in 1776. But our challenge is similar in the sense that we must persevere, as our ancestors did so well, with faith, determination and patience.

I firmly believe that we will come through the COVID-19 virus crisis and emerge from the experience even stronger in many areas. It will require some time, which is where patience comes in, along with our faith in God and the determination to work through the challenges and interruptions to our way of life. One belief of which I am totally certain: Scecina Memorial High School will survive and prosper because of having you and your support.

Those of us of my generation have experienced many crises, including major wars, recessions, numerous health and welfare challenges, stock market crashes, and natural disasters. But we have always survived and will again if we follow the guidelines established by our government and health-care leaders, and, most importantly, if we take care of each other. This would be a great time to keep foremost in our thoughts and actions our Scecina motto of “giving that little extra.”

On behalf of the Scecina Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your commitment and continuing support, and for being such a valued part of the Scecina Community. The Board appreciates your dedication and extraordinary effort in meeting and overcoming the challenges we are all facing.

God bless you all.

George Newhart,
Scecina Board Chair, Class of 1960

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