Quinn Schreiber Named to ICC All-Conference Tennis Team

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Quinn Schreiber

Quinn Schreiber, a senior at Scecina, finished his last tennis season with a title he never expected and was named to the ICC All-Conference Team.

He is a third-generation Scecina student and the second generation to play tennis. His love and interest for the sport started early in his childhood, watching his brother Owen ’21 hit tennis balls with his mom and dad. Over time, his interest became a passion, and he signed up for lessons and private instruction to improve his game.

“Winning the conference was something I would’ve never expected when I first started playing high school tennis my freshman year. The payoff feels so good, knowing I put a lot of time into practice and working on getting better. I have been blessed to have some of the best teammates someone can ask for and having great coaches that push me to my full potential. I am forever thankful for these last four years,” said Quinn.

2022 Scecina Boys Tennis Team

Quinn is flourishing beyond the court; he’s part of the National Honor Society, a spring musical participant, and a student ambassador. When asked how he maintains a solid GPA while balancing his extracurricular activities, he shared a specific plan he follows daily.

“I work hard to finish most of my homework during our weekly WIN (What I Need) period. Then, when I get home from practice, I usually try to knock out any homework I didn’t finish, and finally, shift my focus to study for any tests or quizzes I might have coming up.”

He went on to share what he’s most excited about his senior year (outside of the ICC Conference Title): spending as much time with his friends, participating in the school musical, attending sporting events, and graduating.

Quinn is proud to walk the halls of Scecina just like the generations of family before him. He knows that when he participates in the same events and traditions as his grandmother Patricia Caito Schreiber ’62 and his parents, Ben Schreiber ’91 and Kate Jeffers Schreiber ’91, he’s carrying on a living legacy of Scecina. To Quinn, attending Scecina is more than a family tradition; it’s an opportunity to live a life full of faith and to give that little extra in all he does. We believe Quinn is undoubtedly living out his beliefs and his legacy.

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