President’s Blog: Honoring Crusaders who strengthen Scecina

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Dear Crusaders,  

The second Mass reading on the first Sunday of Lent highlighted the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. This gift is the ultimate sacrifice and love; it continually restores our hope and relationships with God and one another.   

Today, I share illustrations of people who strengthen Scecina Memorial High School through the inspiration of Jesus in their hearts.      

On Saturday, February 18, we held our annual winter Alumni Appreciation Night during the varsity boys basketball game with Indiana Crossroads Conference Partner Speedway High School. The evening was filled with much recognition, support, and celebration.  

We kicked off the evening recognizing and honoring our senior winter sports and band participants and their parents and guardians during Senior Night – a tradition that many Crusaders and their families cherish. It is a time to reflect on the past four years and to look forward to the future. Seniors, parents, and guardians – Thank you for living the Scecina mission in fine fashion during your careers!  

The senior boys basketball team at senior night. Left to right: Keaton Thibo, Jordan Porter, Tamir Woods Jaylen Long, Adam Young, Aaron Florence, and Mason Beriault.

Additionally, five valued community members became our newest cadre of Super Boosters thanks to their ongoing volunteerism or having completed five years of service on our educational staff. Thank you to Francesca (Marino) Bergman, Niki (Adamson) Matherly, Rachel (Andrews) Mendez, Alyssa Saunders, and Kathryn Wetzel for your generous and impactful service!  

Super Boosters Kathryn Wetzel and Alyssa Saunders.

In tandem with the family of Larry Neidlinger (deceased) – former teacher, coach, administrator, and, with wife Judy, parent of six Scecina alumni (Gregg, Gary, Robin Erlenbaugh, Rebecca Hammel, Eric, and Chris) – we presented the Larry Neidlinger “We Care” award to six members of the Dorothy Brassie family for decades of involvement at Scecina as students, alumni, volunteers, and donors. Thank you, Greg, Steve, Mary (deceased), Dave, Tom, and Bill Brassie – and your deceased mother, Dorothy, for her lifelong example of motherly care and protection!  

President Joe Therber, Bill and Dave Brassie, Judy Neidlinger and her grandson Logan, and Principal David Dellacca during the Larry Neidlinger We Care Award presentation.

The culminating moment of the evening was to congratulate and thank Tim McGinley, Class of 1958, on the naming of Tim McGinley Court in our gymnasium. A member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Tim is an illustrious alumnus of Little Flower, Scecina, Purdue University, and Harvard University. He then embarked on a one-of-a-kind business and community leadership career, including 16 years as Chairman of the Purdue University Board of Trustees. Tim spoke to all in attendance and shared three principles that have shaped his life of success and significance: (1) Trust in the Lord, (2) Be Grateful, and (3) Serve Others. Thank you, Tim and Jane McGinley, for all you do for Scecina and countless causes in our community!  

Tim McGinley ’58 standing by the Tim McGinley Court display.

Gratefully, I share these illustrations of people in our midst who continue to reflect Jesus’ love in action – and we have so many more examples every day.  

I wish you a spiritually beneficial Lenten season of drawing closer to Jesus so that we may experience and share the new life that He offers.    



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