President Joe Therber: Scecina continues to educate, serve, and operate

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Scecina President Joe Therber

Joe Therber

God’s peace and comfort be with you!

Thank you very much for an uplifting week of progress in so many ways. So much as happened in a week, including news that we would be extending the suspension of in-person classes through Friday, May 1.

When our Scecina staff gathered last Friday morning, March 13, we talked about doing all we can to make this temporary new normal a time of hope, progress, and coming together. It seemed possible then, and it has become a reality in many ways – beyond the “coming together” of parents and children spending four and five times the normal amount of time together in the same house!

With all that has happened, we remain painfully aware of hardship and uncertainty. Our hearts go out to all who may be facing fear or difficulty. Please know of our prayers, and please feel encouraged to contact a member of our staff if you have a need.  

I am most grateful for, impressed by, and proud of all that we have accomplished and will continue to focus on during the weeks ahead, for example:

  • Every teacher is utilizing our e-learning digital platform for student assignments, chats, challenges, and discussion groups each day.
  • Students are attending classes daily, as evidenced by their very high attendance rates that can be verified in our e-learning software.
  • Our counseling team is staying abreast of news about Advanced Placement (AP) testing and state standardized testing. The staff also is ready to assist seniors with college applications.
  • The media productions staff is producing the Red & Gold Show daily for student announcements and news.
  • Our facilities staff is engaged in daily cleaning of the campus and tending to regular maintenance.
  • The business office has helped families every day with questions and needs about registration for next year.
  • We are in frequent contact with international students and their sponsoring organizations to help meet students’ and families’ needs.
  • Our admissions staff continues to receive and process applications for the 2020 -2021 school year.
  • The athletic office staff is maintaining communication with the Indiana High School Athletic Association about the possibility of a modified spring sports season.
  • We are in frequent dialogue with administrators of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to receive, discuss, and communicate guidance about issues associated with our temporary new normal.

Indeed, we are educating, serving, and operating!

While our current situation seems to be all about our physical health, we must continue to nurture our spiritual health. With the suspension of religious worship services, we encourage you to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Stay connected online to your local parish or religious community for spiritual resources and information about religious services.
  • The Archdiocese of Indianapolis website ( has a listing of online Catholic Masses.

As this new opportunity to grow continues, please let us know how we can serve you best!  We will stay in touch often and as proactively as possible with you. 

Thank you for being an integral member of the Scecina Community.  Please know of our prayers for you, and please keep us in yours as well.

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