President Joe Therber: Carrying our Cross

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Scecina President Joe TherberToday is Good Friday. What Crosses are we carrying?  Certainly, COVID-19 is a Cross. It is painful. It is sad. It does not fit our human image of a loving God. Sometimes, it seems that we are living Good Friday day after day.

Schools, families, churches, businesses, and communities of all kinds across the world are adjusting to our new reality. This adjustment requires service and sacrifice, much of it painful. Is anything on the other side of this darkness or to be gained from it?

As Christians, we believe that after Good Friday comes the joy and new life of Easter!

I want to share a quick and meaningful story. Our students signify their daily school attendance during e-learning from home by signing in online. When they sign in, they see this question: “Do you have any questions or concerns that school personnel can help you with today?

This student gave a memorable reply: “How can I give that little extra every day during eLearning?”

You probably recognize Father Thomas Scecina’s motto in that student’s answer. His desire to live our school’s Christian mission during and after this Cross that our world is experiencing was an early Easter moment for me.

I give thanks for this inspiring student and all our students whom God has placed in our midst. They are worthy of our service and sacrifice. They bring us joy and new life.

I wish you and yours a prayerful Good Friday and the joy of Easter every day!


Joe Therber


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