President’s Blog: God bless the Scecina Class of 2024!

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Greetings Scecina Community! 

I am thrilled to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments and contributions of our students at Scecina Memorial High School. The Class of 2024 has achieved a significant milestone by earning over $4.5 million in college and university scholarships. Our newest alumni are prepared to make a positive impact in higher education, military service, apprenticeship programs, and the workforce. We also applaud the exceptional achievements of our underclass students and are eager for a new school year with the Eastside’s best and brightest. 

All of these successes are possible only because of the unwavering support and involvement of the students’ parents, guardians, and grandparents; our dedicated educators who continuously support and challenge our young people; the pastors and principals of the East Deanery parishes, including Catholic schools, who play such crucial roles in preparing and shaping these students; and the belief, generosity, and dedication of the Scecina Board of Directors. 

As we express our gratitude, we also look forward to many upcoming activities. While the halls may be more quiet than usual, we are already in the midst of athletic conditioning for fall and winter sports, hosting grade school summer camps across a wide range of activities, preparing summer school programs, and finalizing the last details of our new athletic fields.  

During my Commencement remarks, I shared two sayings that we convey every day at Scecina, encapsulating our most important lessons.   

First is the truth that our students are known and loved. I encouraged the seniors to attribute their successes to God as the One who most deeply knows and loves them – and as the One who inspires their family members and educators to know and love them.  

The second saying is Father Tom’s simple yet life-changing motto – To give all that we can and then “give that little extra,” which always comes in handy as a student, an employee, a military service professional, and in our relationships.  It helps us discover the great strength and dignity that God has planted within us.   

Summer is a time for rejuvenation, reflection, appreciation, and preparation as we continue our mission of nurturing and empowering our students in service to the world. 

God bless the Scecina Class of 2024! 


Joe Therber

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