President’s Blog: Let’s be grateful for the chance to honor Jesus’ sacrifice.

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Dear Friends,

Today during the Easter Triduum, may we rejoice in the opportunities we have to enter gratefully and reverently into the wonders of Jesus’ self-emptying service and sacrifice that culminated in his resurrection on the first Easter Sunday!

While we focus today on God’s infinite love and mercy made manifest through the life of Jesus, we also experience God in our local community in numerous ways.

Here are a couple!

Two nights ago, we celebrated the annual President’s Academic Excellence Awards Program.  The evening is a wonderful moment to celebrate our highest academic achievers and their mentors and families.

These young people are fantastic illustrations of the vast potential that God has imprinted in their minds and hearts.  They are outstanding examples of persistence and eagerness to achieve.  Their talents and commitments will change and save lives in the years ahead.

On Monday, April 1, at 5 p.m., we will host the first athletic contest on the new Larry Neidlinger Memorial Baseball Field.  Arrive at 4:45 p.m. to watch Judy Neidlinger, wife of the late Larry Neidlinger, throw out the first pitch. The prayerful and generous stewardship of so many Scecina alumni and friends through our recent capital campaign has made this wonderful day and many more like it possible.

Grateful for you, we wish you and yours a Joyful and Happy Easter!


Joe Therber

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