Making Big Strides in Film and Social Change

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We love celebrating our Scecina families who are making a positive impact in their communities. Scecina students Timothy ’24 and Nehemiah ’25 Cavanaugh and their father, John Cavanaugh, are making big strides in the local and national film industry, producing motion pictures highlighting the significance of mental health and anti-violence initiatives.

Their success is a testament to their hard work and dedication in bringing essential messages to the forefront of our society. A project they are most proud of is a motion picture executive produced by Indianapolis native Mike Epps. The film Tainted is set to premiere in early summer 2024 at Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie. Timothy gained a role in the film and will act alongside Mike Epps in several scenes.

The film tackles essential issues such as men’s mental health and conflict resolution, emphasizing the need for open communication between fathers and sons. A portion of the film’s proceeds will be allocated toward performing arts education programs for underserved children in Indianapolis.

John, who has been involved in the cinematography side of the project,  spoke about his sons’ involvement in the film industry. John shared, “This work not only gave my boys the opportunity to focus on something positive, but it has also allowed them to grow as individuals and as a family. Seeing them become independent and mature and embrace the craft is great. I am a proud father and cannot wait to see what these young men produce in the future.”

Timothy, who plans to pursue film in college after he graduates this May, shared how much confidence he has gained.

“I feel I’ve finally broken out of my shell. Before this work, someone else was the most outgoing person. I hid when I felt too much attention on myself; I wasn’t comfortable sparking conversations with people I didn’t know. That all changed once I got involved with this project. I’ve connected with many amazing people and had so many heartfelt conversations.

This project has also given me a different outlook on my future! I’ve gained so much knowledge and many more opportunities, and I can’t wait to show people what’s next! My one goal with this project, and anything else I’m involved in, is to go for it.”

In December, the Cavanaughs celebrated the premiere of a local film, Follow The Breadcrumbs, where Nehemiah was the lead audio tech, and John was the cinematographer.

“The experience working with my dad and brother on film projects has been fun, and I’m glad we’ve grown closer and formed a stronger bond. I have learned how to stay focused. I have learned much more about movies and shows than what is pictured on the screen. I’ve also improved my social skills. What I like best about working on the movie sets are meeting new people and creating bonds with people and, overall, just having fun,” added Nehemiah

Timothy also accepted a role in a TV series focusing on teen mental health, with Nehemiah as the lead audio tech and John as the head cinematographer. The series will be presented to the Washington, DC, Youth for Anti-Violence Day. It has been approved for three seasons and will be available on Apple TV.

The Cavanaugh family’s contributions to their community by creating meaningful films addressing important issues are admirable. Stay tuned for more information about release dates and what’s next for these rising stars!

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