Frank Sergi’s remark for 2019 Father Tom Day

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Frank Sergi with friends and relatives at Father Tom Day

Frank Sergi (center) with family and friends at the 2019 Father Tom Day Mass.

A big “thank you” to President Joe Therber, staff and students at Scecina. I’m very humbled and honored to receive the prestigious Fr. Thomas Scecina Memorial Award.  I would also like to thank all of those in attendance today, particularly previous Fr. Tom award recipients, alumni, friends of Scecina and many of my family members. Father Tom’s life…his accomplishments and his legacy have made a significant impact on many of the students who’ve attended and graduated from Scecina Memorial High School.

Fr. Tom’s service to humanity was extraordinary….he served Our Lord and our country in a way that has never been done prior to or after World War II. To think this was all done during his 34 years on this earth. Up to the very end he offered assistance to soldiers of all religious backgrounds. He struggled, suffered and yet still served….by hearing confessions, giving absolution and providing reassurance that in the face of death, God was with them.

While Fr. Thomas Scecina was memorialized by the Archdiocese with the naming of this high school in his honor…..his legacy was carried on by the Sisters of Saint Francis from Oldenburg, as well as a number of diocesan priests and a handful of lay people in 1953. Saint Francis, one of our most revered saints, gave up a life of wealth and prosperity to serve God by reaching out to those in need and underserved. For many years (1953 – 2010) our wonderful Sisters of Saint Francis followed the lead of their patron saint. Their leadership was exemplary and certainly provided all of us with the message that we are here to serve…not to be served. This was true in 1953 and still holds true today. Think how each of you can make a difference in today’s world, go out of your way for someone. A simple random act of kindness that could quite possibly make someone’s day. We all have a “cross to bear” and this will make us stronger and more faithful. We are here to serve and as Fr. Thomas Scecina said… “Give that little extra” and ultimately we will reap the fruits of our hard work and commitment….and Scecina will be the beneficiary of our efforts. Saint Francis said… “Preach the gospel always, and if necessary use words.” There isn’t a better feeling than doing a good deed….without any compensation or accolades. Our Lord knows and there is no one greater or more significant.



As All Saints Day approaches on November 1st…..we will focus on the saint (or saints) you know best, the saint who loved you the most. This person is usually not a famous saint but a family member or friend who truly laid down his or her life for love of you. You care about this saint more than all other saints. Although this person is probably not canonized, you know from your personal experience of his or her love that if he or she is not in Heaven, hardly anyone is.

Because you love and admire this person, you want to be a saint too. I have many saints, I would like to pay tribute to recognize a few of them….. my parents who created a faith filled foundation and helped with the creation of my spiritual and moral compass and provided me with the tools to learn, live and give back. Mr. Bill Kuntz, a gentleman who had a very close connection to Scecina as a teacher, coach and principal (during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s) as well as a long time affiliation with the CYO of Indianapolis…..he “walked the talk” long before that phrase was popularized, he dedicated his life to serving others and was an inspiration to those committed to helping people. He died in 1984 and his funeral was at Holy Name Catholic Church in Beech Grove. It was raining quite heavily that day and attendance exceeded capacity. There were many young people escorting people from their cars to the church with umbrellas in hand, often times absorbing the rain drops so the attendees would stay dry.  Those young people were all students from Scecina Memorial High School. . . “Giving that little extra” just the way Fr. Tom would have done it. My favorite and most caring saint and angel in Heaven is someone who influenced my life more than anyone, she was an extraordinary person who attended Scecina and sat where you are 50 years ago, in the fall of 1969….my wife of 37 years and special education teacher her entire professional career and the mother of our three children (Mark, Tim and Monica)…… Trish McMahon Sergi. While I miss her, I’ll never forget her and I know she is with Jesus Christ, smiling and cheering the Scecina school song.

In scripture (particularly the 23rd Psalm) we are quite often referred to as sheep, and are led by our shepherd when we tend to wander off or go astray. Our Lord gave up His life for us. I’m quite certain that Fr. Tom and the Sisters of Saint Francis would want us….to know that our shepherd was willing to lay down his life for his sheep. As I conclude…. I ask that you get to know your shepherd, you will be rewarded with a life that will be transformed in a way that will far exceed expectations.

Be proud of Scecina Memorial High School and may God Bless all of you!


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