Scecina honors volunteer who makes difference in students’ lives

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By President Joe Therber 

On Thursday, Oct. 24, Scecina will celebrate the annual Father Tom Day Mass. We will not have Wednesday Mass that week. At the conclusion of Mass on Thursday, the Father Tom Award will be presented to a person who has made Scecina an important part of his or her life and who lives Father Tom’s motto of “Give that Little Extra.”

headshot of Frank Sergi

Frank Sergi

This year’s Father Tom Award recipient will be Mr. Frank Sergi. Frank is an active and dedicated Scecina volunteer through his faith-based counseling efforts with dozens of Scecina students, especially students who are 21st Century Scholars. Frank cares deeply about these young people and has made a marked difference in their lives.

Frank’s late wife, Trish, was a teacher and a member of the Scecina Class of 1973. Since Trish’s passing, Frank has become even more integrated into Scecina and it has made a tremendous difference to him.  If you know much about Frank’s life story, you know he is an inspiration – a faithful Catholic, devoted husband and father, proponent of Catholic schools, and a person who cares deeply about young people.

Frank is an alumnus of the former St. Bernadette Catholic School on the Eastside, Cathedral High School, and St. Joseph College.  Before retiring, he taught, coached, and administered at Cathedral, Lawrence Central, Roncalli, and Franklin Central high school.  Frank also serves on the Board of the new St. Joseph College at Marian University.

We look forward to honoring Frank and hope you can join us for Mass on Oct. 24.

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