Crusaders stay strong and keep the faith during pandemic

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This week the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Marion County led county public health officials to recommend that schools return to all online learning this month and remain in that mode through Jan. 15, 2021.

While this direction is not totally unexpected, it is a new wrinkle in a year that already has tested students, family members, and educators. Fortunately, our mission as a Catholic high school includes trusting in divine providence, especially during challenging times.

This year Scecina created a value proposition statement in which we promised to pray, protect, partner, and personalize. I believe we have fulfilled our promise and risen to the occasion. Our work is not over; we will persevere and emerge strong on the other side of this pandemic. Scecina, like other schools, has gone above and beyond to give children the enriching learning environment they need while protecting our school community.

Marion County Public Health Director Dr. Virginia Caine acknowledged the fine work of schools in her press conference Thursday. In response to a reporter’s question, she said that, because of proper health and safety steps that K-12 schools have carefully planned and implemented, the virus does not appear to be spreading inside the physical school environments. Instead, she said, the virus among school-age youth appears to be spreading because of contacts that take place away from school.

I commend Scecina’s staff and students for carefully practicing health and safety measures within the school day and school activities. I also thank our parents for following Scecina’s many protocols that have ensured our community’s health and safety this year.

Let us pray for God’s blessings, and our awareness of them, as together we face this public health crisis.

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Joe Therber, President


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