Ash Wednesday Reflection

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Director of Campus Ministry Ben Potts implemented the 1-1-1 Lenten Challenge and adapted the program from Life Teen for Scecina faculty, staff, and students. Catholic theology teacher Joe Ruf shared his Ash Wednesday reflection during the all-school Ash Wednesday Mass. The goal of this challenge is for the Scecina community to grow closer to Christ, the Church, and each other this Lenten season.

Mr. Ruf’s Ash Wednesday Reflection
After receiving our LORD in the Eucharist, we have the opportunity to reflect on how we can continue to grow closer to God in our lives, especially as we enter the Lenten season today.

This Lent, Scecina is joining the 1-1-1 challenge, where we have the opportunity to give up one thing, pick up one thing, and focus on one area of sinfulness that is holding us back from a better relationship with God. As an example, here is my commitment.

I will give up being on my phone at school, including during lunch. I will pick up an uninterrupted 15 minutes spent in silent conversation with God. Finally, I will try my best to eliminate complaining and frustration.

Making sacrifices for Christ, especially during the season of Lent, is a noble endeavor, but it should not be easy. If we want to grow in holiness and pursue heaven together, we must hold ourselves and one another accountable as an act of love. For me, I ask that the juniors call me out if they see me on my phone and if they hear me complain or get frustrated.

With that in mind, I challenge you, students, faculty, administration, and of course, myself to participate in the 1-1-1 challenge. Ask a friend, co-worker, teammate, or mentor to hold you accountable. Let us all continue to strive to become saints.

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