eLearning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning Program Days

Q: Will students physically come to school on an eLearning day?
A. No, students will work from home or some other location where they have Internet access. If there are concerns, students should contact their teachers. The students can begin work as soon as teachers post items. On a planned eLearning day, Faculty will post all assignments by 4 p.m., on the Friday before the eLearning day. On emergency eLearning days (the day of the school closing due to an emergency) teachers will post assignments by 9:00 a.m.

Q: What should students do if they cannot submit their assignments by the deadline?
A: If it is a classroom issue, students should contact their teacher online, in Canvas, and explain the situation before the deadline. If the issue is technical, students may use the messaging system inside of Canvas to contact the Technology Department’s Service Desk or use the Hotline phone number, (317) 344-9891. Students should be sure to leave their contact information. Our Service Desk will work to resolve the issue during school hours within an hour or less.

Q: How will the school take attendance on an eLearning day?
A: All students will complete an assignment per class to trigger attendance and submit it on or before the deadline. If a student does not upload their work by the deadline, the school will count them as unexcused and they will not get credit.

Q: Where will my child find his/her lessons for the day?
A: Students will access their lessons via our learning management system, Canvas. On planned eLearning Days, teachers will have lessons posted by 4:00 p.m., on the previous school day. For emergency eLearning Days, teachers will have lessons posted by 9 a.m., on the morning of the emergency eLearning Day.

Q: When will eLearning assignments be due?
A: All planned eLearning Day assignments are due the next school day by 7:30 a.m. On emergency eLearning Days (due to weather or other unforeseen reasons), assignments are due 2-school days after the emergency eLearning Day at 7:30 a.m.

Q: What if my family does not have Internet or it is temporarily unavailable?
A: Please contact the school with the circumstances of your personal situation. The school has access to resources to help. If your Internet connection goes out during the eLearning day, please call the school at (317) 356-6377 or the Technology Service Desk Hotline at (317) 344-9891 to report the issue when it occurs.