A year after pandemic began, let’s count our blessings at Scecina

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President Joe Therber sitting at a desk

By President Joe Therber

It was one year ago March 12 that Scecina and other schools throughout Indiana sent students and staff home and moved to online learning, first for all students and then in hybrid arrangements this year. It was one tactic in the battle against the spread of a new virus, COVID-19.

The events and milestones of the past year are worth remembering and honoring because they stand as testaments to Scecina’s staying power and commitment to being a strong Catholic community of faith and learning, even in a pandemic.

After a year of sickness and death, uncertainty, anxiety, moving targets, and constant adaptation, it’s time to count our blessings here at Scecina.

I am grateful for:

  • The spirit, resiliency, and hard work of the entire Scecina staff, parents, students, alumni, and friends, who have given their all during this past year.
  • The generosity of Scecina alumni and friends who, during a pandemic, pushed us above our $6 million goal for the Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time capital campaign to $6.84 million currently. Our entire community will benefit because of your gifts.
  • The spiritual guidance and support of archdiocesan priests in our East Deanery.
  • Colleagues and partners with whom we have shared ideas, successes, and struggles, and from whom we have learned much.
  • God’s everlasting and infinite love and mercy.

This year, we created a Scecina Sunshine Committee to brainstorm ways we could show gratitude to our staff and students. It was clear we would need to build up each other during what would prove to be a trying year.

One idea of the Sunshine Committee was to create cards we could give each other with handwritten notes of gratitude and appreciation. It’s been a blessing to see the notecards in staff mailboxes and on desks around the school. Our teachers and staff are sending these supportive messages to one another regularly.

The messages on these cards are: “Kindness always matters”; “You care & it shows”; and “Thanks for giving that little extra.”

As we move to invite all students to return to campus every day this spring, we may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel so long as we continue to act safely.  While there’s still uncertainty as there always is in life, we remain rooted in the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for supporting Scecina this past year with your prayers, involvement, and words of encouragement. We appreciate you!


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