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COVID-19 Response

“The unique and critical role that schools play makes them a priority for opening and remaining open, enabling students to receive both academic instruction and support as well as critical services.”

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Pfizer vaccine available to students 16 and older

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is the only vaccine that is approved for individuals age 16 and older. Individuals seeking a Pfizer vaccine can search for a location by ZIP code and look for the PVAX designation on the map at

Post-Spring Break: March 29, 2021

Based on parent feedback and guidance from the Marion County Public Health Department and the Office of Catholic Schools, we have a strong preference for students to attend school via in-person learning, unless a student or family has a true health and safety consideration that makes online learning preferable. We believe that in-person instruction is best for our students’ spiritual, academic, physical, and psychological/social-emotional formation, as well as for the building of Christian community within our school.

Mode of Learning Selection

We are offering two modes of learning after Spring Break: daily in-person learning and, for students who truly have the need especially for health and safety reasons, daily synchronous online learning.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, so that we can complete preparations of the school building for the anticipated number of students who will be on campus every day for the remainder of the school year. We have enough school days built into the school day calendar at this point that we will not need to recover this day later in the school year.

All students are expected to be on campus daily attending school in-person after Spring Break.

Selection of mode of learning (daily in-person or daily online) is expected to remain in place for the remainder of the school year. However, if you have a need to request a change, please contact Ben Potts at as proactively as possible.

COVID Mitigation Efforts and Associated Developments

Our commitment to your child’s health and safety remains our topic priority. Here are some important items to note:

  • We continue requiring students to complete a daily online health screening form each morning. We verify student completion of the health screening form each morning as the student enters the building. Please ensure your child is arriving to campus to provide sufficient time for this check-in process. We suggest beginning the check-in process at the building entrances prior to 8:00 a.m. every day. School entrance doors for the morning (Doors #1 and #3) unlock each morning at 7:30 a.m. with school beginning at 8:15 a.m.
  • Face masks will be required, fully covering the mouth and nose, for the remainder of the school year unless otherwise advised by our government health authorities. The rare exceptions at this time include when eating and during specific times of activity for athletic participants. Masks are available to students as needed.
  • Quarantine and contact tracing procedures remain in
  • Distancing requirements for classroom seating and common area seating (for example, the cafeteria) will be 3 feet or more between people.
  • Contract tracing will continue to be a requirement for us. Nurse McKee will communicate with you and your child should this need occur.
  • Student lockers will continue to be used before and after

We strongly encourage you to have your son or daughter voluntarily self-quarantine for the first week after Spring Break if there is a belief that he/she engaged in behavior that increased his or her risk of COVID exposure over Spring Break.

Any student who self-quarantines will be a daily, online learner during the first week after Spring Break. We ask that you call into school on Monday, March 29, or before (317-356-6377) to let us know if this is the case and that your child(ren) will be learning online for that first week after Spring Break.

School Calendar, Daily Schedule, and Special Events

  • No classes Monday, March 29, 2021. This day will be a workday for teachers and staff to prepare work areas and classrooms as well as make final arrangements for students to return on Tuesday, March 30.
  • Please see the UPDATED calendar and bell schedules for more details.
  • Mondays, beginning April 12 through and including May 10, will utilize an online 8-period bell schedule for all.
  • A Good Friday service is scheduled for Friday, April 2. Please plan on a shortened school day on Good Friday, with no after-school activities or practices after school.  On Holy Thursday, all school-related activities are to conclude by 5 p.m.
  • We continue to monitor and follow all health and safety guidance in relation to athletics, activities/events, and social gatherings.

Back to school safely

Scecina is reopening with guidance from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Indiana’s “Back on Track” plan, CDC guidelines, the Marion County Public Health Department, and the Indiana High School Athletic Association rules.

The health and safety measures include:

  • Face coverings required of all students and staff
  • Daily symptom screening
  • Restrictions on visitors
  • Frequent cleaning
  • Physical distancing plans for all areas of the school
  • Installation of touchless faucets, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and water bottle stations.

Symptom Screening Form

Please CLICK Here for the Symptom Screening Form. Each student must have a completed form before school each day. Thank you!

Indiana State Department of Health COVID Screening Guidelines for parents

COVID-19 para padres del Departamento de Salud del Estado de Indiana

Cohort assignments

Guidelines for requesting cohort changes

El proceso para solicitar cambios en las asignaciones de grupos

Meal Service

All students at Scecina will receive a free breakfast and free lunch each day through the 2020-21 school year.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved a waiver to provide this benefit to our families. The regular meal requirements that include servings of fruits and vegetables will also apply to these free meals. Students have the option of purchasing ala carte items or second meals at the normal prices to be paid from their cafeteria accounts. No changes to the cafeteria process:  students go through the line, use their ID, and eat!

Lunch will be served during the student’s scheduled lunch period. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 8:05 each morning. Items can also be purchased ala carte.

Each student will sit at their assigned table, one student to a table. All tables and chairs will be sanitized after each lunch period. Students will scan their café cards with individual barcodes when purchasing lunch or breakfast.

Families were sent emails about meal service and take-home meals for online school days. If you did not get the email and would like to sign up for take-home meals, please contact Cafeteria Manager Marty Dugan at

Please visit the Crusader Cafe page for more meal information and instructions on loading your cafe card.


Value Proposition: Our Promise

We have developed a promise to our Scecina Community that every day we will pray, protect, partner, and personalize for our students’ and everyone’s benefit and the continued well-being of Scecina.

Our Promise during challenging times

Promesa Atraves de tiempos dificiles


Back to sports

The health and safety of our student-athletes and coaches are our top priority during this time.  We are dedicated to following all safety measures possible for student-athletes and coaches to remain healthy and safe while participating in the sports that they love.

Below is the link to Scecina’s athletic reopening plan page. You also will find required documents that must be signed and returned to the head coach or the athletic office prior to beginning conditioning and practice.  These forms include the Archdiocese of Indianapolis student health and safety plan, IHSAA forms for the 20-21 school year, and the Symptom Tracker form.

Athletic reopening plan


Assistance and Resources

Assistance with food, rent, utilities, hygiene, household products, etc.

La Plaza –  317-890-3292. La Plaza provides assistance for families. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed for lunch 12-1. If you have to leave a message, leave your name, phone number with area code, and area of need.

COVID-19 Community Resources  from the City of Indianapolis

Internet Access

If you or someone you know needs more information on discounted or free internet access, click here for more information.

Call us for help

The current situation certainly can be stressful. If Scecina can do anything for you, we will try our best to help or find resources, whether it’s help with school-related issues or personal needs. Please call us at 317-356-6377, and our receptionist will connect you with the right person; or you can leave a voice message.

School Main Office Hours

Scecina’s main office will be open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your partnership and support as we chart these changing and uncharted waters.  We at Scecina value you and are committed, as always, to serving and supporting you.

Otros recursos

Asistencia con alimentos, alquiler, servicios públicos, higiene, productos para el hogar, etc.

La Plaza – 317-890-3292. La Plaza brinda asistencia a las familias. El horario es de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m. De lunes a viernes, cerrado para el almuerzo 12-1. Si tiene que dejar un mensaje, deje su nombre, número de teléfono con código de área y área de necesidad.

COVID-19 Recursos de la comunidad de la ciudad de Indianápolis

Acceso a Internet

Si usted o alguien que conoce necesita más información sobre acceso a Internet con descuento o gratuito, haga clic aquí para obtener más información.

Llámenos para ayuda

La situación actual ciertamente puede ser estresante. Si Scecina puede hacer algo por usted, haremos todo lo posible para ayudarlo o encontrar recursos, ya sea ayuda con problemas relacionados con la escuela o necesidades personales. Llámenos al 317-356-6377 y nuestra recepcionista lo contactará con la persona adecuada; o puedes dejar un mensaje de voz.

Horario de la oficina principal

La oficina principal de Scecina estará abierta de 8 am a 3 pm de lunes a viernes.

Indiana Department of Health: Coronavirus

Indiana Department of Education: Coronavirus Resources