Scecina Memorial High School
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COVID-19 Response

“The unique and critical role that schools play makes them a priority for opening and remaining open, enabling students to receive both academic instruction and support as well as critical services.”

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Value Proposition: Our Promise

We have developed a promise to our Scecina Community that every day we will pray, protect, partner, and personalize for our students’ and everyone’s benefit and the continued well-being of Scecina.

Our Promise during challenging times

Promesa Atraves de tiempos dificiles


Health and Safety COVID-19 Protocol Summary

  • Students must complete the symptom screening form each school day.  Please CLICK here for the Student Symptom Screening Form.
  • Seating in classes, cafeteria, Mass, and gym are set at least 3 feet apart
  • Seating charts are maintained in classes, Mass, lunch
  • Visitors welcomed at Scecina, will complete symptom screening.
  • Athletes are not required to wear masks during practice and contests, seating capacity at a venue is not limited by health restrictions
  • Staff or student experiencing two or more unexplained COVID-19 symptoms must stay home until cleared
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes, touchless faucets, water bottle filling stations remain in place with regular cleaning of high-touch areas
  • Only medically supervised COVID-19 test results are accepted by the school
  • Daily symptom screening required for staff and students, twice a day if participating before/after school; visitors are screened prior to entry
  • Close contact is defined as cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24- hour period with a person who is currently positive for COVID-19.

2021-22 COVID-19 Protocol Letter (English version)

2021-22 COVID-19 Protocol Letter (Spanish version)

Vaccine information

Anyone age 12 and older may now schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. More information at


Symptom Screening Form

Please CLICK Here for the Symptom Screening Form. Each student must have a completed form before school each day. Thank you!

Indiana State Department of Health COVID Screening Guidelines for parents

COVID-19 para padres del Departamento de Salud del Estado de Indiana