There’s hope always, Father Rick Ginther tells Scecina teachers and staff

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Father Rick celebrates Mass at Scecina.

Father Rick Ginther said Mass for Scecina staff in anticipation of the new school year.

Father Rick Ginther inspired Scecina’s staff with his message to have hope in his homily at a school Mass Friday, August 7.

Father told the staff to lean on faith and find hope during the COVID-19 pandemic as Scecina and other Catholic schools reopen to serve their students.

He recalled a message he learned from his father: “You gotta deal with reality.”

Headshot of Father Rick

Father Rick Ginther

“Reality is reality, boy, deal with it. I really understand that now. And I’ve used that mantra again and again: Deal with the reality that’s there.”

How do we do that? he asked. We do it “together, with support, and hope, even in the midst of uncertainty, leaning on one another, and that’s our cross right now. Is it not?”

Father Rick, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, implored the staff to seek out hope, to encourage it in others, to spread it, even in the classroom, and “to keep going forward.”

He mentioned the hardships generations before have endured. So, he said, “We can do this. We can get through this.”

“There is hope, always, and it’s ours to find it in Christ and in his goodness to us and how we can help each other see it and know it. But it’s a cross we carry. It’s worth it. But I’ll be sure glad when it’s done. And then there will be other things for which hope is needed. This is about our leaning on the Lord and each other.

“I hold you in prayer and I know the priests in the (East) Deanery do and the parishes. Let the Lord help.”

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