Scecina Turnabout Dance was a turning point for alumni couple

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Boy and girl dressed for Turnabout Dance

Patrick Kippert and Ashley Black at Scecina’s 2004 Turnabout Dance

Patrick and Ashley (Black) Kippert ’06 with their daughters, Lucille (left) and Olivia.

Scecina recently reached out to young alumni across the country asking them to update their contact information. The winner of the $50 was Ashley (Black) Kippert ‘06. When she submitted her updated contact information, she also shared the following story:
In 2004, I asked Patrick Kippert (also a 2006 alum) to the Turnabout Dance. We’ve been together ever since: Married in September 2013; had our first daughter, Olivia Millicent, in October 2014; our second daughter, Lucille Joanne, was born in December 2018.

In 2019, I resigned as a probation officer with Marion County Superior Courts to be a stay-at-home mother. Patrick has launched his own electrical and garage door business called Treppik Services. To give back to the community, once a month he will offer free services to a nominated individual who helps our community (veterans, police, fire, teachers).

So this winter, if any current students are questioning if they should ask a guy to Turnabout … do it!

Stay tuned for another “update your information” contest soon! You also can update your information now.

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