President’s Blog: We are united in faith and community.

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Dear Friends,

This week marks National Catholic Schools Week 2024 with the theme of “United in Faith and Community.”  A more fitting description of Scecina Memorial High School may not be found!

Scecina serves and shines because we are united in faith and community, so two questions are worth exploring:

  1. Who is our community?
  2. In whom is our faith?

Who is our community?  We are a vast network of students, siblings, parents, alumni and life partners, educators, future students and families, students’ grandparents, East Deanery parishes and schools, business partners, Eastside neighbors, the City of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana, and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  Scecina makes a difference in countless lives, and countless lives make a difference for Scecina.

Just recently, a parishioner friend encountered a group of our students at a local event and complimented their spirit, enthusiasm, and togetherness.  This friend was so pleased to know that the lineage of thousands of Scecina alumni has enabled the Scecina of her youth to become the Scecina of her later years.

This spirit of community rooted in the Gospel and the inspiring story of Father Thomas Scecina inspires the work that our school carries forward day in and day out.

In whom is our faith?  Ultimately, our faith is in God’s promises of infinite mercy and His desire to live in eternal communion with us.  These promises are the lessons that we strive to teach in words and deeds to our students every day of every year.

In addition, our faith is in our current and future students and their God-given dignity and potential.  These young people are the future – of not only Scecina, but also of our churches, neighborhoods, professions, hospitals, military services, community organizations, and so much more.

During the first five minutes of every school day, we say over the morning announcements: “Students, remember that you are known and loved. Give your very best effort today and, in the words of Father Tom (Scecina), ‘give that little extra.’”

Last week, I greeted four prospective freshmen for the next school year. They currently attend a local Catholic elementary school and a local charter school.  These young ladies were excellent representatives of their families and schools.  We engaged in a quick lesson about the life story of Father Tom. Their participation assured me that our current generation of young people has awesome potential and so much to offer all of us.  I can’t wait for them to become freshmen later this year!

In closing, we are blessed to be United in Faith and Community.  Scecina is the heart and at the heart of an amazing community of gifted and diverse people.  Our faith is in a merciful, all-loving God and the young people whom He has placed in our care.

Thank You for having an important place in this community and for doing your part to enable us to hand on the lessons of faith to the young people who are our future! 

Go Crusaders!

Joe Therber


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