Divine Valor: A Heroic Act of Bravery Guided by Catholic Faith

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Doug Nally ’87, a devoted and decorated Putnam County police officer, recently demonstrated a heroic act of bravery by rescuing not one but two individuals from imminent danger.

Nally credits his Catholic upbringing to how he responded to the call. His unwavering faith and commitment to his core values empowered him to make a swift and compassionate decision that forever changed the lives of those he saved.

“My Catholic background has been vital in shaping my approach towards people and handling challenging situations. It has instilled in me a solid foundation of right and wrong, along with essential moral and ethical values. This spiritual grounding has made me a better law enforcement professional and a dedicated husband and father. It’s guided me to make decisions prioritizing justice and compassion,” said Nally.

Deputy Josh Boller and Capt. Doug Nally (center) were with presented lifesaving awards by Putnam County Sheriff’s Merit Board members Tony Detro and Nancy Michael (left) and Board President Mike Dean for their actions in a water rescue on March 3.

The incident occurred on March 3, 2023. When a distress call reached the dispatch center, Nally answered a call, reporting a vehicle partially submerged in rapidly rising floodwaters. The occupants, a woman and her father were trapped inside the car, desperately seeking help.

Hearing the urgency in the call over the radio, Nally was determined to reach the scene. As Nally raced towards the location, an additional report revealed that the occupants had been forced to retreat to the vehicle’s rear compartment due to the rapidly rising water levels. The situation grew increasingly dire as the floodwaters engulfed the front seat compartment.

Upon arriving at the scene, Nally found a volunteer firefighter from the Jefferson Township Volunteer and his partner, Deputy Josh Boller. The trio wasted no time and rushed towards the stranded vehicle, which had become lodged against a cluster of trees, preventing it from being swept further away from the safety of their home. However, the car remained approximately 20 feet out in the raging floodwaters.

Through their joint efforts, the team successfully rescued the woman and her father, extricating them from the dangerous situation in the nick of time. Nally’s heroic act, along with the collaborative efforts of the volunteer firefighter and Deputy Boller, epitomizes the law enforcement officers’ unwavering commitment and selflessness in the face of adversity. Nally and Boller were awarded Life Saving Awards by Putnam County Sheriff’s Merit Board members.

Doug Nally continues his dedicated service as the Captain of Investigations at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, and this recent life-saving incident stands as a testament to his exceptional character and unwavering commitment to protecting and preserving the well-being of the community he serves.

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