Capital Campaign and the Scecina Fund: What is the difference?

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By President Joe Therber

The Scecina fund logoThis year is very important to the future of Scecina. Why?

Every year, valued Scecina alumni and friends generously support the school financially – specifically, scholarships, need-based tuition assistance, academics, campus ministry, athletics and clubs, and care of our campus. Annual pledges and gifts for these vital, ongoing activities make up the annual Scecina Fund.

This year, while the Scecina Fund continues as it must, we are embarking on a visionary and extra-ordinary initiative to strengthen the school beyond a single year. This effort, the first of its kind in school history, is the Our Faith, Our Journey, Our Time capital campaign. It seeks to make transformative improvements to our campus.

Because this capital campaign is Scecina’s first in school history, I want to help the Scecina Community understand important facets of the campaign and the Scecina Fund. You deserve to understand both programs.

Logo for capital campaign: Our Faith, Our Journey, Our Time We have developed 10 Questions and Answers relating to Our Faith, Our Journey, Our Time (the capital campaign) and the Scecina Fund. Please click here for the document. I would appreciate you reading this information and contacting me if you have questions or feedback (317-352-3280 or

Thank you for your prior and future support of the gifted young people whom Scecina educates each and every day. I am grateful for this wonderful community.

Joe Therber


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