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Indiana Choice Scholarship Voucher

Welcome from President Therber

Hello! Would you like an opportunity to receive a scholarship in the range of $5,500 – $6,500 to attend Scecina Memorial High School and receive a great education based in faith and values?

At Scecina, we promise you caring teachers and staff, small class sizes, a diverse student body, college and life preparatory academics, and many extra-curricular opportunities all wrapped into an environment built on Catholic Christian values.

Please see the information below about how you can qualify for a Choice scholarship and join us here at Scecina. You also can call or text right now to 317-210-3522 to talk to us about vouchers.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you on campus soon!

Indiana Choice

The Indiana Choice program was established in 2011 to provide qualified students financial aid (voucher) to help pay tuition at a non-public school of their choice.

Do I qualify?

Step 1: Meet Income Requirements

Families must meet the income requirement of 300% of the federal Free or Reduced Price School Meals income.

2021-22 Income Requirements

Household Size Household Income to Qualify
1 $71,484
2 $96,681
3 $121,878
4 $147,075
5 $172,272
6 $197,469
7 $222,666
8 $247,863
9 $273,060
10 $298,257
Step 2: Meet a Pathway

Step 2: Meet a Pathway

Students must then meet one of the following eligibility criteria referred to as “pathways”:

1. Two semesters in a public school pathway: The student attended an Indiana K-12 public school (including a charter school) for at least two semesters immediately prior to applying for the voucher.

2. Special education pathway: The student has a disability that requires special education services and has an individualized education plan (IEP).

3. Previous SGO pathway: The student received an Indiana SGO scholarship in any previous school year.

4. Previous voucher pathway: The student received an Indiana Choice voucher in any previous school year.

5. Sibling pathway: The student has a sibling who received either an Indiana Choice voucher or an SGO scholarship in any previous school year.

6. “F” rated public school pathway: The student would be required to attend a specific public school based on his/her residency that has been assigned an “F” grade by the state of Indiana. The student is not required to have attended that school in the past and will not be required to return to that school if the grade is raised.

7. Foster care pathway: The student is in foster care.

8. Pre-K pathway: Students who received an early education grant and want to apply to the same school for which they received a grant.

Get In Touch

Families who are interested in finding out if they qualify or learning more can contact:

Bethanne Doyle at 317-352-3262 or, or
Ivette Clinger at 317-352-3224, or Ivette trabaja con familias que hablan español.