Scecina’s Guidance Department 

Scecina Guidance Department offers academic counseling to help students plan the best path for their high school academics.  Counselors advise students through the process of choosing appropriate and challenging college preparatory, honors and advanced placement courses. Students also can receive help with test-taking, improving grades and developing good study habits. 

The college and career counselor guides students through their college preparation and search for college and careers. The Guidance Department brings in college admissions professionals for college planning and college financial aid sessions. 

Guidance Staff

Josh Orndorff
Director of Counseling/College and Career Counselor
317.356.6377, Ext. 1113 

Kalynn Huntoon
Academic Advisor
317.356.6377, Ext. 1114 

Kellen Zitani
Academic Counselor
317.356.6377, Ext. 1114 

Bridget Zobel
Social Worker
317.356.6377, Ext. 1121  

Tracy Foor
317.356.6377, Ext. 1119 

Transcript Requests 

Scecina Memorial High School uses Docufide to process transcript requests. You will need to create an account by visiting Please note that if you graduated prior to 2013, you will need to contact the business office at 317-356-6377 ext. 1306 to pay the $5.00 transcript fee before your transcript will be released.