17 international students hail from 7 different countries

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students standing in rotunda

Front Row (from left): Marco Gonzalez; Spain; Puyuan Lu, China; Victoria Ramos, Spain; Noemi Colella, Italy; Maggie Chikweza, Malawi; Sofia Lopez, Spain; Alice Santos, Brazil   Back Row (from left): Daniel Eljach, Brazil; Kaiyang Xiao,  China; Alessandro Melis, Italy; Leonardo Recrosio, Italy; Piero Nataloni, San Marino; Zikang Liu, China. Not pictured: Mayes Alreem Alfar, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; Shayanne De Oliviera, Brazil;  and Pedro Moreira, Brazil.

Seventeen international students currently are attending Scecina on visas. They come from seven different countries and four continents.

“During the pandemic, it has been difficult for students to travel abroad as they have been able to in the past,” said John Hegarty, director of international student program.

“We at Scecina are very happy that we have been able to welcome 17 for first semester and are excited about welcoming all of them back for second semester as well as some additional students. We currently have applicants for second semester from, Rwanda, Vietnam, and Argentina.”

The international students all stay with host families in the Scecina community. Many host families are families of current Scecina students or parents of alumni of Scecina. Scecina welcomes any family recruited and vetted by our partner agencies. Any family who may be interested in hosting should contact Mr. Hegarty, who will share your contact information with one of our partner agencies. The partner agencies are the recruiter and representative of the natural parents and to whom the host families are responsible.  Contact Mr. Hegarty: jhegarty@scecina.org or 317-258-5159.

Zikang Liu, Guangzhou, China
Kaiyang Xiao, Dongguan, China
Puyuan Lu, Zhengzhou , China
Pedro Moreira, Brazil
Alice Santos, San Jose Do Rio Preto, Brazil
Daniel Paniagua Eljach, Cuiba, Brazil
Shayanne De Oliviera, Brazil

Leonardo Recrosio, Milano, Italy
Alessandro Melis, Cagliari, Italy
Noemi Colella, Marino, Italy
Salvatore Minore, Sardinia, Italy

Sofia Muriel Lopez, Madrid, Spain

Victoria Vivancos Ramon, Torre Pacheco, Murcia, Spain
Marco Fernandez Gonzalez, Bilbao, Spain
Mayes Alreem Alfar, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Maggie Chikweza, Lilongwe, Malawi
Piero Nataloni, San Marino, San Marino


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