Spotlight on Scecina’s Student Ambassadors

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Two students framed in balloon frame

Scecina Student Ambassadors Layden Adair (left) and Emily Vasquez, both juniors, help out at Scecina’s Open House in November. Layden also addressed the gathering of prospective students and their families.

This year Scecina’s Crusader Student Ambassadors leadership group grew to 39 students, one of the biggest groups ever. Students apply in the spring to join the program.

Student Ambassadors is a designed to be a prestigious program for students and for Scecina. Ambassadors serve the school and community, grow as leaders, and gain impressive experience for college and life.

“I applied to be a Student Ambassador because I believed that I could be a branch for incoming students, and parents, to make the stressful process of entering a new atmosphere easier,” said junior Layden Adair.

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Student Ambassadors help Scecina staff with events, especially for enrollment recruitment, including New Student Orientation, Open House, visits to grade schools, and shadow days, as well asl graduation and Baccalaureate. While serving these duties, they also gain experience in public speaking, organization, customer service, and event preparation.

Layden honed his public-speaking skills when he spoke to the prospective students and their families at Scecina’s 2020 Open House on Nov. 5.

“I got a great feeling when the families I was speaking with let me know that the message I was giving to them allowed them a little more clarity in their school selection,” he said.


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